SOFT Dogwalk v2.0
SOFT Dogwalk v2.0
SOFT Dogwalk v2.0

SOFT Dogwalk v2.0

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  • New and improved rubber for grip in all weather.
  • Safer connection pins that hide underneath the hinge to reduce/eliminate injury
  • Safety covers over the screws that connect the plank to the base.
  • Greater impact absorption, minimizing risk of injuries thanks to the structure and the innovative padded composition of the materials used under the surface of the rubber
  • High performance rubber guarantees an exceptional grip
  • Aluminium frame and stainless-steel hinges - exceptional durability indoors and outdoors
  • Improved stability on all surfaces due to wider feet, exclusive design patented by Galican
  • The feet have a rounded support that improves the stability on all types of surfaces and does not damage artificial grass
  • Adjustable to 4 heights (120cm, 100cm, 80cm, 60cm)

Total weight: 83 kg (183 lbs)