LITE Dogwalk v2.0
LITE Dogwalk v2.0

LITE Dogwalk v2.0

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Made of aluminum with high performance new and improved rubber surface for a great grip in wet/outdoor weather conditions.

  • Reinforced down planks, like the Intercan and SOFT downplanks, eliminating the need for the old ‘foot’ support.
  • Safer connection pins that hide underneath the hinge to reduce/eliminate injury
  • Safety covers over the screws that connect the plank to the base.
  • Stainless steel adjustable down plank feet.
  • The down plank foot is under the structure when folded.
  • Better stability on all terrains.
  • Diminishes the marks on artificial turf avoiding damage.
  • Rounded point of support for a correct position on every height.
  • All the materials are suitable for outdoors. 
  • Hinges are easy to assemble.
  • Four heights are possible (48”, 40”, 32”, 24”).

Total weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)